Cloudflare Zero Trust - Fixed IP for the outside world


I’m a small business owner and I’ve been trying out Cloudflare Zero Trust. We work with a lot of cloud applications, we RDP into VMs and use a cloud FTP. We are working remotely most of the time.

I’ve configured Azure AD as an IDP, I’ve tried out the WARP client, all of that is working like a charm.

Some of these cloud providers have an IP whitelisting option. Can I - for specific traffic captured by WARP clients - tell Cloudflare to proxy this traffic so that I can start to make use of IP whitelisting? So as if we were using a VPN client?

I don’t require all traffic to be masked that way, only for those external providers that allow for IP whitelisting. And obviously I would like this IP address to be dedicated or at least not shared by all.


This has come up before: