Cloudflare zero trust content categories still missing advertisements

Is there an update as to when the content category advertisements will be available for use?

Sidenote, will a tracking and or analytics content category be added at some point?

It won’t be. At least, not the Ads category anyhow.

This was mentioned in this previous thread:

The eventual response from Cloudflare, within my ticket, was:

We are currently not blocking that category called ‘Ads’ and the documentation needs to be updated.

As a workaround, the subcategory called ‘Deceptive Ads’ under ‘Questionable Content’ can be blocked.

While those categories aren’t quite the same, Cloudflare’s not allowing for the blocking of the Ads category.

What I did I created a custom policy to block requests to/from a list of domains and added there a list of known trackers that I found and that apple blocked, i have around 107 domains blocked that are ads or trackers

I did something very similar, and I took the top tracking and advert domains my last solution was blocking and copied them into a custom rule for blocking.

I would like to find a way to bulk import domains, and somehow auto that so it happens weekly or bi-monthly.

You could use the Cloudflare radar API to get the top ads companies and then the API for zero trust and add them there, and in zero trust you do have a import CSV for lista but only for a new one

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