Cloudflare Zaraz custom third-party script?

I’ve recently started using Cloudflare-Zaraz on my client’s website. I’ve moved Google-Analytics to Zaraz, and deleted the actual hard-coded Google Analytics javascript from my HTML pages.

So far its working good, fast and collecting data and sending to the Analytics account.

My question is about: Adding custom third-party analytics script. Currently I’m using HiStats analytics (like Statcounter, etc.) and want it to run from Zaraz. But there is no option to add/enable any custom third party scripts.

Will that feature be added? or it has been added but I’m not finding it on the dashboard?

Ya there is option for custom HTML but it’s under work

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This is in now… I used it the other day

Custom HTML won’t really do a whole lot unless the goal is to inject stuff into a site you do not control? If you control the side and can modify it, using custom HTML won’t be any different to just stuffing the html into the page in the first place?

What we really need is the ability to build our own custom integrations at the edge to get the performance benefits. Maybe using a custom HTTP request and hosting the third party code somewhere else is an option?