Cloudflare, ZARAZ, AMP, Google Search Console - problem

I have a problem. I have configured the Cloudflare service on my website ( To offload the code, I also selected the “ZARAZ” add-on and linked it to Google Analytics. Everything works, I monitor the number of users, but in Google Search Console I get an error with AMP - Custom JavaScript is not allowed. I don’t know what to do because I have more and more subpages with this error, so Google does not index my page. What to do? Have you had such a problem? Anyone dealt with it?

Thanks for the tips and suggestions.

Make sure to exclude Zaraz from URLs which contain /amp/ or ?amp, if you have it configured like that via WordPress or some other way.

If I exclude it, then how do I analyze traffic in AMP?

I’d implement Google Analytics for AMP manually :thinking:
Haven’t tried Zaraz for AMP yet, so cannot say.
Kindly, wait for another reply from someone else.

Otherwise, depending on the plan type, we could filter out URLs which are, if, configured to have /amp/ in the path, that way we could se traffic coming visiting and landing on them :thinking:

thanks for your fast reply. So, what I can do it? I mian about filter out URLS with AMP. I have AMP urls with “?amp=1”

Any People’s can help me? :slight_smile:

We are currently keeping Zaraz disabled for our Job Seeker BD website. But we also need a way to keep Zaraz enabled for AMP websites, and we are currently using the standard version of AMP. If anyone has any solutions that use Zaraz or a custom script in AMP, it would be greatly appreciated.