Cloudflare your blocking me from working!

Cloud can you please tell me why I was blocked and can not collect my money from company . It says they blocked me witch is not true, CLOUDFLAR blocked me and they need to fix or I lose $400 if not fix like yesterday! I never had a problem then your site jumps up says I am blocked and all my logins stopped working after your interference! So fix it.

I use your security so this does not happen.

This can happen to those developing over Cloudflare proxy by sending way too many requests an hour, in your case I’d wonder how many requests you sent for this to go off.

Cloudflare does not simply block you.
They just do what they get told to do, based on the configuration of the client of Cloudflare.

Also you are not being blocked, but rate-limited. That is something different. What did you do to get ratelimited? 1000req/s on a site?

They don’t need to fix anything, unless there is a bug in their system and it behaves in a different way than it should.

That sounds like a problem.

If the site you are talking about is your own site, then there are ways of modifying the settings to adjust it to your needs.

If it is not your own site, then the site owner, which will be a Cloudflare customer, will need to contact Cloudflare. But you are a visitor of a different site and can not modify settings on other sites.

I work for the company why would they block me ,that stupid

Please check if they have some rate-limiting settings. Also, if you are working for them, contacting them should be very easy, they than can lock into, what rule/setting is ratelimiting you.

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I can not contact them Cloudflare blocks them all

they need to fix this, that’s $400 i loose if they don’t

i can sign into forums but not site.

Please check if they have some rate-limiting settings. Also, if you are working for them, contacting them should be very easy, they then can lock into what rule/setting is rate limiting you.

Just link to this thread in the email.

EMail should still work, right?
Maybe try using a VPN or a proxy to access the website once, to contact them.

No one needs to fix something, that might be intentional. We first need to sort out why this happens and what the actual domain-owner wants - not what you want.

That is a pity, but that is your problem, not anyone else’s problem - sorry to say, but Cloudflare will never change the settings of their clients/customers because someone else wants this.

There is nothing Cloudflare can do for you, the actual owner needs to adjust his settings/rate-limits if he wants to.

i can not send the them anything case im blocked from the site. no email,messages nothing. I loose $400 bucks if Cloudflare dont hurry and fix. i earned that and loose cause of there stupid security on a site never had problem with

I even you Cloudflare protocol and it still happen. wth

I will be a little more direct, this time:

  • no one cares if you lose $400 (also you wrote $200 in their ticket), as no one will ever change a clients configuration because you lose money - so please stop repeating.
  • Cloudflare does not need to fix anything, it seems to me it follows the user’s configuration. So the company you work for (or with?) needs to adjust its settings/configuration. If they don’t do so, it must be assumed, they want it like this.

Seems like you could already?

Also I told you: take a VPN and access their normal site through it (in an anonym tab). I just tried it and it works. Then go to “Contact” and contact them.

i have a vpn with dedicated ip will that work

by anon tab you mean use private browsing correct, thank you sorry for being a ■■■.

Yes, I have tried it.

Yes, that is also correct. Just make sure (if you already got rate-limited) that you have a private browser open with no cookies, so the request can not be traced back to you. As you got rate-limited.

It’s ok. I can understand, that you are mad.

Is there a way to setup my Cloudflare in user dashboard to stop this from happening again. i changed dns but company does not allow other changes in router to be made.

As you said, you do not own the domain, you can not modify this. This is not happening because of your settings, but because of the settings of “”.

If you have access to its Cloudflare account, you will be able to modify the rate-limits. If not, they will have to do so. But it is important to understand that this happens at their side.

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