Cloudflare Yandex Bot 403

Hi there,

I’m not sure why but starting from 18th of Jan Yandex bot is blocked by Cloudflare for my site.
If I disable Cloudflare everything works.

Here is Yandex console.

The problem is just with the main bot. If I select image bot or any other it starts working.

Do you see anything in the Firewall Events log in the Cloudflare dashboard?

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I also created the rule special for Yandex Bot

Can you append the following query string to the URL of your firewall event log and check what event it shows?

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I added ?ray-id=55ab115ebe479069 to query but I can’t find it in access events log.

The rule looks like this

What is also weird… When I execute Yandex check from its console it can fail few times but then suddenly can get the page.

For example

  • 1th attempt- fail
  • 2th attempt - fail
  • 3th attem - success
  • 4th attem - success

and so on

It might be they are sending the requests from different networks. If you cant find the request in question in your event log it is difficult to say anything. Try reproducing that and search for the respective ID in the log until it shows the block.

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