Cloudflare Wrap + VPN gives DNS Probe Started Error and No Internet Issues until router is restarted and cloudflare app closed

I have been enjoying Cloudflare Wrap + vpn for a year now until recently when i started getting DNS probe started Error whenever i start cloudflare wrap VPN.
I suspect that my isp has blocked Cloudflare vpn ip’s so users cant use VPN and get Faster Peering speeds in apps like torrents or google sites.
When ever i start cloudflare on android or on windows pc it starts and if i go to download something or do a speed test it works for 2 seconds and then says connection timed out or dns probe started error. Because of which i think my isp has blocked users from getting access to cloudflare vpn servers.
Can you tell me any possible way around this? is there any other settings i should try in cloudflare wrap? all other company VPNs work but only cloudflare is blocked for some reason. “Profiteering” possibly by my isp

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