Cloudflare wp plugin rendering endlessly and Rocket Loader breaking elementor editor despite page rule!


Hello Cloudflare Community,

I’m new here and I am experiencing issues with Cloudflare WordPress plugin and Rocket Loader.

  1. I installed and activated it successfully on my website, but when I click “Apply” on optimize website it renders non-stop without a result. Furthermore, the Automatic Purge toggle button doesn’t work either. When I turn it on and then refresh the page it goes back off.
    I deleted the plugin and installed it again but with no use. See screenshot below

  1. Elementor page builder does not open after I enabled Rocket Loader. It’s clearly stated that Elementor does not work well with Rocket Loader in this article
    So, I created a page rule on Cloudflare like this:

-Disable apps
-Disable performance
-Bypass cache

However, the page rule doesn’t seem to take effect although I have created it yesterday. Elementor is not functioning properly. Does the (*) in the page rule cover all sub-directories and paths within my domain/wp-admin? And isn’t the “Disable Performance” setting supposed to turn off Rocket Loader?


There’s another Rule setting for Rocket Loader.

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