CloudFlare + WP Engine


Hello! Am new to CloudFlare!

We host our clients website on our WP Engine server. Then we use CloudFlare to host DNS since it offers Flattened CNAME (which is highly recommended by WP Engine).

Since WP Engine is already offering CDN, caching, and SSL (Let’s Encrypt), we would like to stick with them. What do we need to do so that we can bypass CloudFlare’s CDN, caching and SSL?


Cloudflare CDN is the same as caching.
You can set a Page Rule for ** (wildcard everything) and set the Cache to Bypass.

You’ll need to use Cloudflare’s SSL, as Cloudflare is reverse-proxying your content. Visitors will be hitting Cloudflare’s servers to get your content. But since you have Let’s Encrypt on your site, set the Crypto to Full (Strict) so you have a fully secured connection.


Thank you sdayman. This is very helpful!



A few days later, a similar topic: is it convenient for WP Engine users to leave Let’s Script SSL enabled there and, in addition, configure the CF SSL Certificate in Full Mode?



Yes! You need some sort of SSL certificate on the server to use Full mode. If it’s Let’s Encrypt, then you can use Full (Strict) since the server has a valid certificate.

Full means the connection is fully encrypted, end-to-end, thanks to the SSL certificate on your server.