Cloudflare + wp-admin = Error 403

I’ve read all over the web for a solution regarding the accessibility of the wordpress admin platform after a Cloudflare nameserver migration + SSL strict policy.

  • nameserver changed to Cloudflare

  • SSL origin certificate installed on the server and Full(strict) policy enabled on Cloudflare

website : hosted on GoDaddy

  • What has been verified already :

Cloudflare rule : (asterisk at the start and at the end)
Disable Security, Cache Level: Bypass, Disable Performance

.htaccess is minimal with no deny or ip allowing

I know that it must be something server side since the error has no Cloudflare mentions, but I’m lost about what could trigger that 403 Error only on wp-admin.

Any inputs ?

If you visit your website with Dev Tools open (F12 on Chrome), you’ll see that /wp-admin/ redirects to /wp-login.php, which is then blocked.

Both requests are bypassed by Cloudflare, so you need to investigate whether your WP firewall or theme has any general restriction protecting /wp-login.php and try to make it bypass you (and other users of your site who may need to login).

If you can’t find it, you may want to try Forums |


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