Cloudflare works stats showing 0 Requests


Hi there,

is there any delay in the workers stats? I have been seeing it as zero requests, as I deployed the workers a few hours back.

I see just zero stats as of now. Any help is appreciated.


Have you set up routes for that worker?


Does the worker do any requests to an URL when invoked? Those are those requests, not the actual workers executions. Go in the other tabs and check.


Yeah, I did set up the route for it.

I have used this code. It’s for the WordPress website.

Do correct me If I did anything wrong.



Is the site with HTTPS enabled? Then the Worker isn’t running. Remove the http:// to match regardless of protocol, or add an s so that it matches on HTTPS.


Oh, snap! I didn’t’ observed this. Now I can see the workers cache hits.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: