Cloudflare works but files do not refresh properly

a while ago I was here complaining about ssl not working, and now it does, but I had to change my ftp settings in order to be able to upload anything. I did not know why but I trusted that was what had to be done. I have to log into instead of , since that always wants to go to and never gets there.
However, a consequence seems to be that trying to update data which is already there means I have to wait hours for it to refresh itself, even though files appear INSTANTLY the first time. “Hard” refreshing in the browser makes no difference (additionally it seems to get stuck on the first uploaded version in every browser i try even if I changed it before the first time I loaded it in that browser). For an image I can simply upload another with a different name, as tedious as that can get, but I cannot very well do that with styles.css (that I know of). I just barely understand this all to begin with, so getting stuck on this is leaves me thoroughly confused. Is this something that there is a solution for other than to wait?

Static files (which should rarely change) are cached by default, as shown in the cf-cache-status header of the response.

If you need to update static files, you can either Purge the cache, or disable caching for a specific directory via Page Rule.

Ah ha thank you! That put me in the right direction. Turning on “development mode” on the development page for a few minutes appears to have been what I needed.

Remember that Dev Mode is only temporary. Once you turn that off, or it times out on its own, the Cloudflare cache kicks in again…along with whatever is still sitting in there. You’ll need to Purge Cache for any changes to take effect.

Oh ha that is also good to know, thank you!

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