Cloudflare working?

How to check if Cloudflare is actually working on a site ?


The most simple way to check if Cloudflare is active (assuming your domain is proxied, so you have :logo: turned on) is to go to https://your.domain/cdn-cgi/trace, which will then show some information used for debugging/troubleshooting


Thank you for the link but unfortunately the link brings me to the 404 page of my site …

Which would mean that the site is not being proxied by Cloudflare.

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OK, thanks Michael !

I have a Partner hosted zone i guess something is going wrong because I have the good settings in WP-Rocket. Would it be better to delete the Partner hosted zone en register with cloudflare myself ?

I recently installed on this site, but it’s not showing on as i did and followed the same steps as you mentioned. can you check please?

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am fail to find the option that how to select the website or domain in cloudflare and then clear the cache please help me about that seems to work for me

You can find more info on how to clear cache at

If you need more help, I suggest creating your own thread as this one is unrelated to your question.

I have just checked your domain name it looks like behind cloudflare well done!

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