Cloudflare working for domain but all other domains broken on server

Cloudflare is working for domain and has been for a few months now, but all other domains on my server not resolving and I have only just realised. I had a custom nameserver previously to using Cloudflare, but now that is broken for all websites except for Cloudflare website

Broken website example is nameservers that used to resolve are ns1.gtdb.orgf and It is the same for a few other domains.

Any help in resolving this? is set to be proxied. Cloudflare oes not proxy DNS (unless you’re paying for DNS firewall, in which case it would be managed differently and using different IPs). So the DNS servers need to be set to :grey: DNS Only.


Paying for DNS firewall? I am on the pro subscription with some firewall settings access. Is that what you mean?

I changed both ns1 and ns2 to DNS only and the sites are back. Thank you!

DNS firewall is a solution which is purchased separately from other subscription types.

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