Cloudflare workers - where in the chain does it sit?

Interesting blog post regarding Cloudflare workers, but where exactly does it operate in relation to other parts of Cloudflare that modify your site (apps, scrapeshield etc).

I can see an interesting use case where I could modify tags on my page to include a nonce=value tag and update my content security headers with this in order to fix problems I have with things like Cloudflare’s email obfuscation being insecure (from a CSP viewpoint)

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Hi @saul,

It actually varies, but generally speaking it happens after security related features and before non-security related features.

Is there information about how Cloudflare workers affect site speed? Their code executes before each request, and therefore always add some lag.

But I couldn’t find any information about the time cost of Cloudflare workers in the Beta post nor elsewhere.

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