Cloudflare Workers Vector Demo

A vector database implementation running entirely on Cloudflare Workers and Durable Objects, holding the SIFT 1M dataset (516 MB), with an API to query and return the top K results. An Inverted File Index (IVF) is used to partition the data and provide fast lookups, with the cluster centroids stored on Durable Object storage. Try it now.

Screenshot 2023-10-23 at 3.16.27 PM

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Can you share the github repo for this?

Is the 516MB in DO or in the Vector database?
If in DO any idea of the cost involved???

Hi @krisyale2014 still tracking down source…

Very cool! Are there any demos of D1 combined with Vectors?

I just saw a demo by Datastax’ Astra DB where they use Cassandra, and thought it’d be neat if there was just a single interface for D1 and Vector similarity. Even cooler if Vectorize was multimodal, and you’d just have a single interface across R2, D1, for both storage, retrieval and embeddings / fuzzy search… is that on the horizon? :wink:

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Hi @cloonan any updates?

Hi @krisyale2014 sorry for my delayed reply. The source for the demo is not available right now. The team has been moving on this however and I’ll add a link to their blog that we’ll publish that will give a deep dive into the source.