Cloudflare Workers Unbound and GitHub


I am trying to configure the Cloudflare AMP Optimizer - - but I am not sure exactly where to start.

Could anyone help guide me in the right direction? Would I be able to set up the config.json and wrangler.toml files on GitHub then create a worker? I just don’t know exactly how to point the worker to the GitHub repository.

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Have you got the AMP project ready to deploy on Cloudflare Workers Site? I am assuming you want to use wrangler to deploy your AMP project to Cloudflare Workers? Below is the steps:

1: install wrangler cli on your machine: follow steps here: GitHub - cloudflare/wrangler: 🤠 wrangle your cloudflare workers

2: once wrangler is installed, you can then follow from step 4 on this page

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Thank you! I am figuring it out little by little but I’m just about finished I hope.

Do I still need to create a worker and KV via Cloudflare to link the Cloudflare AMP Optimizer from my machine to Cloudflare or is it specifically on my machine to be published to my Cloudflare account?

Hi Ella,

I actually was able to publish the worker from my machine to Cloudflare so I answered my last question on the workers part. It’s pretty neat.

Thanks again for your help!

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