Cloudflare Workers Subrequests/KV and Billing/Limits clarification


I played around with the Cloudflare workers the last couple of days and noticed that the amount of requests I used up is a lot higher than I thought. Now looking closer into the metrics I found that seemingly the subrequests count towards the total 10 Million limit included in the paid plan.

So for example:
I call a worker script that reads 20 KV values and stores 20 KV values. Do I understand correctly that I get billed for 41 requests (1 invocation + 40 subrequests) in addition to 20 KV reads and 20 KV writes?

@adaptive or @matteo probably know how this works. It’s almost morning for them right now, so maybe they’ll see this soon.


Simply put, no. Each invocation counts as one billed request and each of those can have up to 50 subrequests, as long as you remain in the time and CPU limits.

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