Cloudflare Workers : Scheduled Events not called?

Hi - I have setup cron triggers for my workers and also setup a ScheduledEvent handler. Yet, I don’t see any logs or either errors or console.log on Cloudflare worker tails. I am not sure what to do now and how to debug it.
I have put logs in the handleScheduledEvent function itself.

You have to send the log to a logger that’s external, since cron runs in it’s own context.

Oh ok! Is there any documentation of scheduled jobs running in its own context? Also any example of sending all console.logs to an external logger?

If you hold on a few weeks, it looks like it’s coming in the console.

Looks like there is no timeline, and no mention of logs from ScheduledEvents either. Wouldn’t want to hold my breath for that! Any recommended practices you might know of for sending console.logs to external service?

I created a function in my worker to send the given input to a 3rd party service, this would be something you can do right now. I used some pastebin service I hosted myself which is available via an HTTP API to send POST requests to. When you wrap this into its own function you could use something like sendlogs(your-payload) instead of console.log()