Cloudflare workers route * not matching all the requests


For some reason the * route wont match all the requests, meaning the worker would not be triggered if the request has trailing slashes.

What is the route that matches all the requests?

I have many workers set for* and it’s matching all requests, including trailing slashes. Otherwise my pages that end with a / would break.

What are you seeing that looks like it’s bypassing your Worker?

I am setting debug headers and they are not there. I just have a * as the route. would it match all the requests?

It most likely requires at least the domain name to be there as in the example by @sdayman

are we sure about this? coz, * matches few links and not. I would always assume that a wildcard would match the most. I have multiple domains, and need the worker on all of them, then I need to have routes for everyone of it?

Yes, the routes are per domain. Every one needs to have his own as far as I know. Probably that will work for all the subdomains and paths in the domain it’s deployed to.

I see. Okay!