Cloudflare workers route cannot be added

When trying to add a route for CF Workers, I get an unknown error.
The route I am trying to add (well, actually, I want to add something different, but went here to make sure it was not me) is simply my zone. Or at least I expect it to be. Anyway it is precisely following this part from the docs:

If your zone is , then the simplest possible route pattern you can have is , which would match

But then with my domain name.
What is going wrong?

Have you tried modifying the actual worker script? A simple added space or character in the comment line is fine.

There is a bug that they are working on in which new routes on domains with default scripts fail because the system assumes that the Worker isn’t enabled.

Thank you, that did the trick. I did search the community for this problem, but did not find anything. Maybe I was not persistent enough. Anyway, thanks a lot!

I don’t think it was never discussed here in the community. I brought it up directly with the team once!

I got bit by this too, glad i found the thread :wink:

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