Cloudflare Workers returning 404 - even in starter template

I noticed some weird behaviour; CloudFlare Workers returns 404, even on routes that are found.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run wrangler generate my-worker-with-router (as per the official documentation)
  2. Fill in your account_id
  3. Run wrangler publish or wrangler dev
  4. Send a CURL request to any given route that exists in the starter template, e.g. curl -I
  5. Notice that the responseCode is 404, even though it is found.

I have also tried to manually override the response code, to e.g. 200, but it still returns 404.

function handler(request) {
    const init = {
        headers: { 'content-type': 'application/json' },
        status: 200 // still returns a 404
    const body = JSON.stringify({ some: 'json' })
    return new Response(body, init)

Here’s a repo if you’d like to see the exact code that fails: GitHub - simplenotezy/cloudflare-workers-returns-404

My mistake. I was doing curl -I which then sends a HEAD request. I didn’t set any r.head, only r.get which was why I got a 404. So the strange mystery is resolved.