Cloudflare Workers Related Questions

I have a few questions about Cloudflare Workers.

If you can give anyone then I’ll be pleased.

  1. How do you automate worker

  2. Package workers for NPM upload

  3. Is there an UI to do the upload or just command line

  4. What javascript lang does worker code support

  5. How do you configure WAF rule on edge

  6. How do you apply WAF rule near origin

  7. How do you defend for Bot traffic or OWASP TOP 10 attacks

  8. How do you defend carding attacks

  9. Is there an easy way to check Core Web Vitals in Cloudflare?

  10. WAF rule sets — how do you manage ACL or make sure there are no conflicts

  11. How do you do image optimization

  12. Can you do image optimization from Worker

  13. How do you avoid source contents not existent in the origin server?

  14. where can you insert the worker and how?

  15. How do you manage the life cycle of a worker

  16. can Cloudflare worker manipulate a request?

    looks like Cloudflare worker has to deliver a response

    for example in a WL injection attack

or zero day attacks for example, i have no time to fix back end app, just want to be at have a javascript code takes request and clean basically looks at the query on all parameters to remove anything offensive

Thank You

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Hello! I love the interest in Workers, let me know if you have any other questions!

Automate releases? There’s an official GitHub Action you can use - GitHub - cloudflare/wrangler-action: 🧙‍♀️ zero-config cloudflare workers application deployment using wrangler and github actions

For other platforms or CIs you can do it yourself pretty easily! If you just install wrangler, set anything you may need (like secrets - wrangler secret) and then publish with wrangler publish!

You can bundle Workers with any bundler out there, I personally recommend esbuild but something like Webpack will work too! Then just publish as usual per npm-publish | npm Docs

There is a “Quick Edit” UI available which works great for small edits or a pretty simple Worker. For a more complex Worker however I would highly recommend using Wrangler

If it can be compiled into JavaScript or WebAssembly you’re good to go! So JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, Python and many more -

WAF configurations are published to the global network by default :slight_smile:

I would recommend checking out:

Bot Management and Rate Limiting would probably be your best bets here

You can do this with Web Analytics -

There are a few products which can help with that!


I’m not sure what you mean, could you please explain?

You can add a Worker to any route you’d like. So to cover the whole apex domain you can add it on route* to cover only /api you can do*. To cover only the test subdomain you can do* and to cover all subdomains you can do **

Read here:

Yep! If you want to modify the response, return something completely different or just pass it along you can. I’d recommend reading the docs and if you have any questions asking here or on the Discord

Hope this was helpful! :slight_smile:


Thanks to you Walshy :heart:

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