CloudFlare Workers Questions

Anyone help me, please.

  1. If deploy worker, will deploy every where, all server ?
  2. How to check the domain is connectivity, eg:

what do u mean , pls explain your problem in detail

Yes, the script is deployed to all Cloudflare’s PoPs. This way, the script can be executed directly in the PoP handling the request.

Could you please try rephrasing the question? :slightly_smiling_face:

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So, deploy the script, if the script have Cron trigger, All servers will run scripts independently ?

About this, such as Command Prompt, I can put ping, Check if you can link to In the CloudFlare, How to achieve such a function.

Any Cloudflare PoP can run the script. A cron trigger will only run in one location at a time though.

You can do await fetch('') and check whether the request succeeds.

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Our kind of use case:

We have domain list [doamin1,domain2].
Our customer from [US,UK,India …]

We want to scan the domain list in US, UK,India, whether it is connected. so as to quickly solve the domain name problem.

any suggestion for that ?

Cloudflare offers Standalone Health Checks which can do uptime monitoring from multiple regions. This is intended for zones you own and control though.

There currently isn’t a way to run a Worker in a specific location, but it is something I too have requested and would like to see. Hopefully Cloudflare adds this feature at some point :slightly_smiling_face:

Got it, Thanks for your help, We will review this.

Hi, I want to know whether the Origin option of Health Checks supports configuring multiple domain names. and Is there an API to get alarm information?

One more question here, Could you give me a list about can I choice regions for healthy check?

Yes, but you’ll need to create a monitor for each domain. The number of monitors you can create is dependent on your plan.

I’m not sure if webhook are supported, but I know email alerts are an option.

These are the regions you can choose between when creating a monitor, according to the API docs. The number of regions you can choose per monitor will also depend on your plan. Please note that Cloudflare checks from three different locations within a region, so selecting e.g. 3 regions will see 9 requests heading your way.

  • WNAM: Western North America
  • ENAM: Eastern North America
  • WEU: Western Europe
  • EEU: Eastern Europe
  • NSAM: Northern South America
  • SSAM: Southern South America
  • OC: Oceania
  • ME: Middle East
  • NAF: North Africa
  • SAF: South Africa
  • IN: India
  • SEAS: South East Asia
  • NEAS: North East Asia
  • ALL_REGIONS: all regions (BUSINESS and ENTERPRISE customers only

Got it Thanks, I was already report the region list to my leader.

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