Cloudflare Workers Queries

I am new to cloudflare workers and am trying to push my wordpress site to it.

Q: If my compiled zip is about 1.4GB, will i be able to pushed to the worker? Because i understand that the limit is 1GB but i will be automatically billed $0.50 per additional GB of storage?

Q: If i revised my compiled zip and repush it to the same KV, will i still be charged that extra storage?


Pushing a WordPress site to Workers requires Wrangler and a static version of your site. Wrangler will then push each individual component into Workers KV. Not one big zip file. If you push more than 1GB into KV, you’ll get charged an additional 50 cents per month for each extra GB.

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Thanks for the reply sdayman!
Just wondering if you know if the wrangler will push delta changes or repush the whole component all over again if i create a new post and have generated the static stite?