Cloudflare Workers: Open Source Question

When the open source code is released I will be able to run that on my own server say ubuntu and completely bypass Cloudflare? Second question: Do you know what language is this code in? Regards!

That’s the idea, yeah.


You will be able to run on your stack, not sure about the OS, but a container for sure will exist.

Workers are Isolates with the V8 engine, which is written in C++. In the end, you might have a binary that takes your files, and produces isolates.

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Thanks Jnperamo. I appreciate you taking time and replying. Yes I meant “completely bypass Cloudflare” because that is the bottom line or underlying context of all this discussion- in other words avoiding “lock-ins”. In fact when google released Google Cloud Run for running containers [by the way awesome tool it is…] - it demonstrated that same setup can be done on customer servers, so we are not worried about lock-in. Regards!

Adaptive, Appreciate your help. Regards!

The expected goal is to allow people to run Workers on their own platform, fully independent from Cloudflare. This is why they haven’t released it just yet; they have to tweak the source slightly to make sure people can run it in any environment.


I believe it is about transparency, but still, run it on Cloudflare Infrastructure.



Thanks @jnperamo and @adaptive . Regards.

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Yes, this will be something that works like Node or Deno. You can install it on your own Linux server, point it at your Worker’s JavaScript code, and it’ll run it, handling HTTP requests. No need for Cloudflare.

Note that it’ll be up to you if you want to put it in a container, use something like Kubernetes, etc.


@KentonVarda - This is wonderful - I appreciate your time. Regards!

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