Cloudflare Workers, O2O and Shopify proxying

Hi Everyone, I’ve been looking around for a couple of days to a solution for linking 2 Shopify stores under the same domain. Everything I saw online kept indicating that it’s impossible until I read about O2O and Cloudflare for Saas. What I want to do is simple, have the main store on and then have the second store initially on but set up a worker behind to check for traffic destined for the other store based on the url. Fetch the page from the second store and serve it at the first domain. Seem simple enough right? But the main issue is being able to proxy the CNAME records and attach a worker to it.
You might ask why would I do that? For SEO mainly and for the second sub-domain website I’ll set it as “no-index” from within the worker this way it doesn’t impact my SEO.

Does anyone if it’s possible now and if O2O is generally available? Do I have to ask for it to be enabled manually? Any pointers?

Here is the guide to enable orange to orange with shopify, Shopify | Provider guides · Cloudflare for Platforms docs

For anyone downtheline, provider guides are available here, Provider guides · Cloudflare for Platforms docs for

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