Cloudflare Workers Now Support COBOL

Ah, COBOL, for me it was :sandwich: between SPSS, BASIC & FORTRAN in my early days comp sci days…COBOL will be a lot more enjoyable today as a Worker than it was time sharing on a PDP-11 or VAX! (And, we’ll skip the fun of card readers if you promise not to fold, spindle, or mutilate.)



I hope you guys add Golang support soon :frowning:


Is this an out of season april fools joke

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Oh my god this will be FUN! :smiley:

Edit I just remembered Frank Zappa uses fold, spindle and mutilate in his 'Dumb all Over" lyrics. hahaaha love it.

You can’t run a country by a book of religion
Not by a heap or a lump or a smidgen
Of foolish rules of ancient date
Designed to make you all feel great
While you fold, spindle and mutilate
Those unbelievers from a neighboring state

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