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I have live event comming up so I was building some kind of video streaming with token verification using CF workers. All that it does is check token and if correct it gets file from origin, caches it and serves to user. I have then checked online and got mixed results on topic if this is OK or not, because media files should not be cached through CF workers.

I was also checking documentation and there is no mention that this is not allowed as you pay for each request for CF worker.

Reason for asking is that I would not like to get my account closed as I have some other projects running live on that domain :slight_smile:

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Video is expressly prohibited by section 2.8 of the Terms of Service, and nothing in the Workers Supplemental Terms indicates that video is allowed.

Use of the Service for serving video (unless purchased separately as a Paid Service)

You should open a support ticket for clarification in advance, rather than asking for forgiveness afterwards!

Thank you for this answer. I’m refering to two things here

eastdakota :slight_smile: saying that this should be fine

whitelisting cdn (what I would actually do) official tutorial

I will open support ticket of course. Thanks again

cc @harris @aly this seems to be another instance of a Worker use case being technically against ToS but still being actually allowed (by the CEO of Cloudflare in this case).
Hopefully the ToS will be expanded/clarified with what is and isn’t exactly allowed by Workers as currently this is a blocker for some people like me who would like to use Workers to serve media files but are too hesitant because we don’t want to wake up one morning to suddenly see that our account got terminated for violating the ToS.

@arunesh90 I’m full of mixed feelings about the generosity. On the one hand, we have a CEO that want to give everything for free - and on the other hand, we have employees trying to earn money :man_shrugging:

Inconsistency makes me worried about financial stability and thus put services we rely on at risk.

(Which I wouldn’t even worry about, where we not in a crisis)

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I agree, it’s grey zone. It would be cool to know if there is an option about extra plans for specific use cases. I know that there is this, but knowin sales needs to be contacted, it musnt be too cheap :slight_smile:

It looks like the Enterprise TOS are different and should allow this, so if you’re willing to pay more, that’s an option.

If you build your worker and add Argo Tunnel or Argo Smart Routing, basically you are paying for requests and traffic, that fits on Cloudflare ToS.

Unfortunately Argo isn’t really a solution here. Argo can get expensive quite fast, and there’s no option to limit it’s scope to just specific workers or subdomains.
Workers have a lot of potential in them when it comes to serving media, but unfortunately it’s not possible to actually make use of that and put something in production without the ToS being clarified to say that this is allowed.
While it seems that some employees at Cloudflare do think some media-related use cases are fine, it’s still not really safe to actually go for it when there are conflicting answers coming from support.

Ideally I would like to see a response from Cloudflare regarding this and whether they’ll consider changing their ToS to show that these kind of use cases are possible without getting your account terminated.