Cloudflare workers limit reached


I’ve enabled workers a few months ago, and I am continuosly receiveing emails saying that the daily limit has been reached.

The last message talks about disabling workers, or setting up a route to continue sending request to oringin once the limit is reached.

I don’t really understand anything. They only think I want is to prevent 500s in my site.

Can someone shed some light to this?


You’ll be on the free plan where you have a 100,000 limit a day, which you apparently reached.

You either restrict your use of Workers or upgrade to the paid plan where you are charged per request.

Ok for now I’d like to restrict the use of workers.

  1. How can I do this?

  2. By restricting the use of workers, the requests will be handled by the server, so everything will work anyways, right?


You’ll need to restrict the paths where the Worker is active. In that case it should only run when it is actually required.

One other alternative - if your Worker is actually optional - would be to reconfigure it so that any such requests will skip it and go straight to the origin.

Screenshot courtesy of @domjh

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This is exactly what I was looking for.
I’ve set the workers route to FAIL OPEN, and now it will balance the requests to the server once it hits 100k requests.

This is available in the worker in the route settings.

Thanks a lot!

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