Cloudflare Workers for Platforms - embeddable IDE, testing and UI widgets?

Hi all - I run a SaaS (Tallyfy) - and highly interested in Cloudflare Workers for Platforms:

As I understand it - we can get our customers’ developers to write their own code for triggers we define e.g. if a task deadline has just passed - run some function, where that function is defined by them.

Our customers do not necessarily want to sign up to Cloudflare and use their UI to run an IDE to build workers, test them, etc. Ideally - the idea that Cloudflare even runs these functions could be entirely hidden away. Our customers (in general) would like a white-labelled set of embeddable components that lets them choose a trigger, write a function against that trigger and test it.

Our specific use case is form field validations to start with. Tallyfy lets you build a form inside a task with various fields like text boxes, file upload fields, etc. We want developer-written real-time validations that “intercept” POST or PUT requests to form fields against custom rules. Examples:

  1. Text box with alias A can only contain numbers.
  2. Large text box with alias B must contain HTML and not plain text
  3. Text box with alias C can only contain a valid US zip code. Note that this might involve checking it’s a real zip code against an API in real-time, so you can’t just type “99999” and get away with it.

All the above would be validations triggered to a specific, defined API endpoint. We call these “interceptions” because CF Workers is intercepting the request, checking it and not letting it through to be saved/persisted at our origin until custom validation rules are passed.

Will Cloudflare provide an embeddable IDE that I can embed in our SaaS, for customer developers to write their own functions, test them, deploy them, etc?

@KentonVarda and others - thoughts? Also - I’m not on CF Enterprise, but really want this anyway if you can wrangle us being testers for a real-life need here :slight_smile:

To be clearer, I envision this sort of UI (from another platform) within Tallyfy - for our customer developers to build programmable extensions to our triggers and events:

Note the bits about secrets and outputs - both necessary - but all locked down for a single tenant instance within a multi-tenant SaaS.

Let me send this over to the team to answer :slight_smile:


Hi @tallyfy! I’m the Product Manager for Workers for Platforms.

Your use case is a great fit! We are currently working on an online code editor feature just like you’ve described.

Would love to have you try out Workers for Platforms. Sending you a direct message to get details.

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When is it available?