Cloudflare Workers Environment Variables bug

Is this a bug? When I try to add an environment variable to a worker that already has atleast 1 env variable added to it, and I click “Save”… it doesn’t do anything.

When I add an environment variable to a worker that doesn’t have any env’s, it works fine. Is this supposed to happen, or is it a bug?

I had the same one a while back.

@harris maybe revisit?


Not sure what changed, but it’s working now for me :slight_smile: Thanks!

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That’s frustrating. :frowning: I haven’t been able to reproduce either issue, but have raised a ticket internally for further investigation.


Hmmm… I even cleared my cache and was trying multiple times. But it seems to be fixed now (if you didn’t see my above comment)

I saw, and I’m glad it’s working now! Nevertheless, this makes two (maybe three?) reports of very similar-sounding problems, so there’s probably some underlying bug.