CloudFlare workers day limit

I would like to ask about the Workers limit for free plan - 100 000K per day.

It’s related to: Ghost blog login not working with cache everything

So I was able to make it work.

Now the problem is that for a small site with 200 visits per day we got: 3 K requests per 24 hours.

  1. Is there a way to limit this number. By filtering of the requests or excluding some requests by URL template

  2. For the paid option - 5$ - it’s not clear how the pricing works. For example on reaching 1 M requests per day.

  3. What happens when the limit is reached

The main idea is to combine cache everything + bypassing the cookies - on a feasible price.


  1. You can stop malicious requests with something like rate limiting or WAF. These sound genuine though so no

  2. With the $5 plan you get 10 million Bundled requests included and 1 million Unbound + some free duration

Bundled is like what you use now, pay per request and limited in CPU time (free is 10ms and paid is 50ms)

  1. You can either fail open or fail closed. Fail open means it’ll just not fire the Worker but still hit origin. Fail closed means the site will throw an error on reaching the limit.

Thank you for the feedback.
Will check the options.

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