Cloudflare Workers Compute Time X-HTML-Edge-Cache

A while ago I bought the $5 Workers plan and set up an X-HTML-Edge-Cache using Patrick Meenan’s script and plugin. I’ve just had another go with the free plan and don’t notice any difference between the two when I run my website through WebPageTest.

  • Free plan 10ms CPU time Vs Paid plan 50ms CPU time.
  • Paid plan supposedly has lower latency on first request.
  • Paid plan has finer cache purging support via KV.


  1. If a request went over the 10ms or 50ms limit, what happens?
  2. Other than cache purging, are there any other benefits of using X-HTML-Edge-Cache over the standard Cloudflare CDN Cache with a Cache Everything Page Rule?

Thanks in advance.

  1. will generate an Error 1102: Rendering error
  2. don’t have experience with X-HTML-Edge-Cache example, but storing assets on KV, deflect some bursts to affect your server. KV is Global, Cache is per PoP.

From what I can gather, the KV is only used to store the cache number rather than the actual website assets or html.

Also I know it says KV is global, but it surely works similar to Cache PoP because it would be a waste of resources to push to 200 KV edge servers if only 20 are used?