Cloudflare Workers & Caching

Hey guys,

We have Cloudflare setup for DNS for our workres. Then we have a worker which is a Nuxt JS static generated app.

Each time we deploy, we receive the following output:

✨  Built successfully, built project size is 13 KiB.
🌀  Using namespace for Workers Site "__x-workers_sites_assets"
✨  Success
🌀  Uploading site files
✨  Successfully published your script to

💁  Deleting stale files...

Then, if we try to hit the server, it feels like CF has an edge cache of the worker files too and they aren’t being cleared.

I have setup rules in Page Rules to bypass* and

We are still not receiving consistent results on page updates. We can’t figure out what is going on

You’re saying that you don’t believe the old files are cleared?
Are these old versions of the same file or different files (old hashed file for example). If you can validate the new files are in KV (after 60 seconds) then the old should definitely not be served unless cached somewhere

If the former, it has to be some cache. Browser or edge, you said you made a bypass rule though so it points to browser.

If the latter, best first step would be checking KV and seeing if the files are there. If they are, then that’s why. If they aren’t, then it again points to some cache