CloudFlare Workers & Bandwidth Alliance

Are the Cloudflare Workers part of the Bandwidth Alliance? In the test on the traffic to Backblaze is calculated normally for me.

It should be part of the Bandwidth Alliance. But I haven’t looked deeply into this.
Have you tested Backblaze traffic with just DNS configuration? To see if it counts…

That doesn’t count, that’s why I’m surprised.
I mean to create a subdomain and route it like this would not be the problem, but I wanted to know if I could directly bring it into the worker.

Interesting! A worker fetch to a DNS CNAME backblaze should then force Bandwidth Alliance and save you the bandwidth cost.

Let us know the outcome of your tests.

So, the workers themselves don’t seem to participate in the Bandwidth Alliance, they generate costs if you address the URLs directly.
I.E: is counted, but if I do it through my domain via CNAME and with Cloudflare Proxy the traffic is not billed.

I can well imagine that due to the location of the Edge, backblaze does not recognize other routes and therefore calculates the traffic normally.

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Interesting findings. I would have thought the bandwidth alliance was just if request_ip = Cloudflare then cut_bandwidth_cost()!

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