Cloudflare Worker using COBOL

See Cloudflare Workers Now Support COBOL. It says to use cloudflare/wrangler-legacy: :cowboy_hat_face: Home to Wrangler v1 (deprecated) which is deprecated. I found cloudflare/workers-sdk: :partly_sunny: Home to Wrangler, the CLI for Cloudflare Workers® then I went to Wrangler (command line) · Cloudflare Workers docs and from there I went to Install/Update Wrangler · Cloudflare Workers docs but Wrangler is deprecated. This is frustrating.

I see that the Cloudflare Workers SDK page has a link for a Getting Started guide. I will try that. I think the other pages should be cleaned up; references to Wrangler should be replaced with current instructions.

Especially the COBOL page. I hope I am able to use the current procedures instead of the deprecated ones in the COBOL page.

Wrangler v1 (@cloudflare/wrangler) is deprecated. Wrangler v3 is the latest and is supported still. The Workers-sdk repo, as the embed says, is the home to wrangler (v2, v3) and a few other tools. Wrangler v2 and wrangler v3 (latest) live in that repo. The developer docs, Install/Update Wrangler · Cloudflare Workers docs, is up to date.

Blogs are less updated. If you just want to play around and aren’t afraid of getting your hands a bit dirty/learning on the go, go for it. But the way that template works is having JS call/execute WASM and then return the response back. Same with anything built on Workers, they’re Javascript by default, any WASM supported languages like workers-rs for rust is calling back to Javascript/interop with the Javascript APIs.

You’d have to add your own way to work with bindings (like KV, R2, etc) and such, anything more then just returning a response or having basic logic in cobol.

Javascript would provide you with the best experience. Workers-rs (GitHub - cloudflare/workers-rs: Write Cloudflare Workers in 100% Rust via WebAssembly) also exists for building Workers in Rust with WebAssembly and supports most bindings/features.

There is nothing in particular I want to do except use COBOL in a browser. Perhaps it is too soon for that but use of any other language would not satisfy requirements.

As for working examples, I see some simple games and I see samples that do not do much more than saying hello. If CobWeb or an equivalent is not yet developed enough for practical use then it helps to know that. The article does not promise much but it implies that it is possible to use CobWeb to develop (convert) COBOL programs for use in a browser for useful stuff. Is CobWeb only useful for developing simple games?