Cloudflare Worker Supports Multiple Domains?

I’m trying to create a Landing page host service, so i need to allow the users to appoint their own domains to my worker, so in the worker i’ll process the response based own the domain adress…
What is the best way to make it’s possible? (Setup any domains (out of cloudflare) to my worker)

That would be SaaS, which used to be Enterprise-Only (tons of money), but they’re opening up a beta program to add it as a paid add-on. No pricing yet, but the beta just opened:


Thank you by your attention and reply. I can give my users the option of create their own Worker not white-label, and fetch content from my worker with fetch function?

check request.headers.get("Host") inside the cloudflare worker. That assumes your CF account has multiple domains/zones, each of which is your client’s brand/domain. If your API is on your domain or, you need API keys from your clients or, less secure, check referrer or origin headers to figure out which client brand is calling your API. I dont know the details, but SSL for SaaS seems like a product for having CF server IPs (CF worker/WAF/reverse proxy/Anti-DDOS product), respond to non-CF subdomains on non-CF nameservers. The cloudflare customer IS NOT the owner of the TLD+1, but needs his content and CF IPs to server content under a TLD+1 that the cloudflare customer can’t control. The only control the clouldflare customer has for the TLD+1 is sending a paper envelope with postage stamps, to the TLD+1 owner telling them to change the A record to a new (hopefully CF) IP. That is what the SSL for SaaS product is for.

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