Cloudflare Worker Request Overload & Ezoic

Hi Everyone,

I signed my blog up for ads with Ezoic. And since then, I’ve been getting hit with emails from Cloudflare about reaching my “Cloudflare Worker Request Limit”. I’ve never received these emails before joining Ezoic. So I assume integrating with Ezoic, somehow Cloudflare workers is activated.

But question is…what exactly happens once I’ve surpassed my free 100k request limit? My website still seems to function, but does it slow down? I have noticed a decline in overall organic entrances, so I’m wondering my website is being throttled due to poorer performance? But I"m not sure.

Is the only solution to this problem is to purchase the $5 per month plan to upgrade my request limit?

Thank you!

Your workers is configured for /* or? :thinking:

I am afraid, in short answer - yes.

Using eZoic, actually bypasses any cache configuration/settings, meaning each of the request made going straight to the origin host → Worker in your case (even each crawler request counts as +1, multiplied).

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