Cloudflare Worker fetch() global does not respect Cloudflare worker routes

I have a web application that is proxied by Cloudflare running at hybrid-app.example

I am using the Cloudflare Worker Sites pattern to host a static site at hybrid-app.example/static-content/. This worker is listening on the route **. I can verify that this worker is configured correctly by navigating to https://hybrid-app.example/static-content/hello.html, and seeing the correct content from my static site.

I also have a second Cloudflare worker that user the worker Router pattern to proxy select pages from the static site to vanity URLs on the same domain. In particular, this worker is configured to listen on the route *hybrid-app.example/hello*. Internally, it does the following:

return fetch('https://hybrid-app.example/static-content/hello.html')

But when I navigate to https://hybrid-app.example/hello, I see a GET request to /static-content/hello.html hit my origin server. So it appears that when I called fetch function in a Cloudflare worker, it is resolving the request without checking for matches against any other worker routes. Is there an alternative to the Fetch API I can use to force a request from one Cloudflare worker to check for other matching CF worker routes before resolving?