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Hello, our site is hosted on SiteGround and we utilize Cloudflare that is partnered with them. For the past two days I have received emails alerting to the daily worker limit being 75%. I reached out to their support team who suggested to install their Security Plugin, disallow xmlrpc file as well as change the default login link. These have all been done and I still received an email notice. I would like to figure how why I am getting the notifications and how to tell if the traffic is legitimate users or if we are being attacked by bots. Please assist. Thank you!

To be clear. Do you have an account with Cloudflare or is this info all from Siteground?

It is offered through Siteground but we do have an account with Cloudflare because we use Stream for videos.


You’re 75% of the way to reaching your daily Cloudflare Worker limit of 100000 requests.

If you believe that you may exceed the limit, you can ensure uninterrupted service by upgrading your account ([email protected]’s Account) to the Paid plan on the [plans page]. It has a minimum monthly billing amount of $5, and it is $0.50 per million requests beyond the first 10 million.

If you do not take any action and exceed the daily limit, your end users will experience 5XX errors until the limit resets at 2022-01-12 at 00:00:00 UTC.

If you are using a Worker in front of an existing domain, you can disable it or set the route to fail open in the dashboard to continue to pass requests to your origin once the limit has been reached.

The Cloudflare Team

In that case login to the CF Dashboard, choose Workers from the links on the right of the page, then look through the logs for the Workers you have set up for any unusual behaviour

I have the Workers dashboard open. The only one listed is HTTP Routes that service is sg_worker. I suspect that is siteground. I do not have any options for viewing the logs for the workers. :frowning:

Oh, so you can not click on that entry to see more data?

Hey, that Worker is from SiteGround. You can disable an optimization option to disable the Worker but you shouldn’t get these alerts at all.

I will let the Workers team know this is happening and they can work with SiteGround/provide me more info on this.

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No. I do not see that option. I just have the Route, Service, Environment and then the Edit option.

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Do you need any information about our domain etc?

The team will reach out if they need any info :+1:

Perfect. Thank you.