Cloudflare worker does not work on custom route

Hi guys,

I am trying to add a worker to one of my websites (with Cloudflare dns). However, nothing happens when I add the route. The worker job is to simply response with a text for testing purposes. The worker can be accessed via the worker url and the custom domain which I have added. But not my custom route. Here are some pictures of my settings:

The route added (the normal url and the custom domain is working fine, it is the “” that does not work)

Whenever I try to visit the page, I only get a 404 not found (which is correct in the case of the worker not being set up correctly).

Is there something I am missing here?

It’s a bit strange, I have changed the route to “*” and the worker only works when I add www. before the url, not without.

Here are my DNS settings if they matter:

I managed to get it to work by adding both “*.com” and “.com” as routes. Shouldn’t the wildcard include with or without www. in that case?

Edit: I changed URL from real one to generic one due to it got marked as spam