Cloudflare worker costs

Hi All,

Just wanted to double check I wasn’t making a mistake on how Cloudflare workers are charged - I’ve read this document - - which states “Since Cloudflare Workers run before the Cloudflare cache, the caching of a request still incurs costs.”

My interpretation of this is that if I do 10 million “Total Requests” in a day with 8 Million “Cached Requests” according to the “Subrequests” tab of worker analytics, I would still be charged $5 per day (assuming the usage is above the free 10 million).

Just want to avoid any surprises on the billing day, as Cloudflare doesn’t seem to provide any cost breakdown for during the month.


:wave: @tech45

Correct. Billing is based on total requests.



Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the cost $5 per month and not $5 per day?