Cloudflare Worker AI LLM Model Rest API

I use Cloudflare Worker AI LLM Model Rest API ad I received error response since 2023-10-31 11:49 AM (UTC +07)

“errors”: [
“message”: “InferenceUpstreamError: ERROR 3001: Unknown internal error”,
“code”: 1000
“success”: false,
“result”: {},


Same problem

Same here…

Same problem…

I think I might have a similar issue. My Worker AI calls all fail with:

TypeError: Fetch API cannot load: /run
    at (/my-app/.wrangler/tmp/dev-6nLXI9/index.js:5578:36)
    at (/my-app/.wrangler/tmp/dev-6nLXI9/index.js:6772:34)
    at [snip my files]

Hi all. Just try to upgrade the files of “@cloudflare/ai” to the newest version.

However, if you hope to keep the old version, okay as well, just edit the ai.js file and change /run to

@ DoraemonYu eh ?

hey thats bc workers ai is in beta. must be working now. update to the latest version

Same here. It works find yesterday and today it pops up this error message.
Very confusing.