Cloudflare worker 522

I created a very simple worker that presents static html. It worked fine for weeks with no issues. I have not changed anything and I checked it today and I get a error 522. How can I troubleshoot this? The site is:


Do you believe it is related to this Workers update?

I am not using KV. It was very basic just to start with something.

It was not a code issue.

Just for kicks I copied the sample code from the worker demos and it doesn’t work either.

I think I might know the issue. This is a single static piece of html with no server behind it, no hosting company, etc. do I need an A record at all for DNS? Can I just use a Cname? When I first did it, some one on th forum suggested I use an A record with as the IP. Maybe something changed on that?

This has been resolved. I had to update the CNAME record for www to point to the domain name ( and then change the route in the worker from to

I used this thread to correct the problem: Worker DNS setup

I logged a ticket with support and asked the community. No luck. But here is the answer. I hope someone else saves a few days looking and finds this.