Cloudflare WordPress WP-CRON Issues (continuation)

Hello everyone! I have the same issue as described in this post. Tried to continue the conversation but the Forum program closed it up. Anyways, what I wanted to ask there is:

Is there a way I can fix this without having to turn the Bot Fight Mode off?


The best solution for the wp-cron issue does not involve Cloudflare. You’ll find on Google several blogs and tutorials about how to set a real cron, and disable WP’s native cron.

Natively, WP relies on visitors to the website to run cron, and it does so over the internet. That’s why Cloudflare can (and if you have Bot Fight Mode on, will) block these cron requests. If you properly set a cron job on your website server instead, you’ll be running cron directly at the server, without making an HTTP request, thus evading Bot Fight Mode altogether. Below is one tutorial, which only works if your hosting provider has wp-cli installed and available to your account.

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As soon as I define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); I get this BIG warning:

WP-Cron has been disabled. Several WordPress core features, such as checking for updates or sending notifications utilize this function. Please enable it or contact your system administrator to help you with this.

Is there another workaround that does not imply deactivating WP-CRON?

This warning has a reason: WP has no way to know whether you have properly adopted another means of running cron. You should ignore it as long as you have set the alternative way to run cron. As a matter of fact, you should perhaps first set up and test server-side cron, then disable WP, at which point this warning becomes meaningless.