Cloudflare WordPress showing not provisioned with Cloudflare

I added site to the Cloudflare and added the Cloudflare plugin to the wordpress website also.

But under Cloudflare, it shows:

It looks like your domain is not provisioned with Cloudflare. Please continue to Cloudflare to secure and speed up your website.

But, the site is running fine.

Please help with this.


Thank you for asking.

I can see your domain is using Cloudflare so far.

And you are using multiple different caching plugins:

x-endurance-cache-level: 0
x-nginx-cache: WordPress
wpo-cache-status: cached
server: cloudflare

I’ve also managed to get 503 error:

Found similar topic:

Maybe that’s because of the numbers 919 at the beginning of your domain name?:thinking:

Check my website now. Does it open now?

Yes, loading fine from my end (and using Cloudflare as far as I can see):

Yes, yes, it’s working.

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