CloudFlare WordPress plugin - WPRocket cache plugin

Hi eveyone,

I am trying to improve the performance of my website. It is a WordPress multisite and I have the free plan of CloudFlare and installed WPRocket cache plugin which has integration with CloudFlare too.

I heard that there is available a CloudFlare plugin, which in part improves the performance.

My question is, if I install ClodFlare WordPress plugin will it make a difference? or with WPRocket and the integration it is the same?

Thank you!

Plugins have a pretty narrow scope. What performance problem are you seeing with your website?


I want to improve pagespeed ratings, now they are quite low for mobile.

Thank you for the quick response!

What’s the URL?


Can I send it to you in private?

I would want not to show the url here in the forum, is it possible?

Or I have to write here the url?

I want to improve the page speed on mobiles.

Thank you

Can anyone help me?

No help here, thank you anyway…

I am checking docker as a way to make an step forward and improve performance.

Is it compatible with Cloudflare?

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