Cloudflare WordPress Plugin - Settings show blank page

Cloudflare has been running for a couple of years on our WordPress site. Recently the Cloudflare Plugin Settings show a blank page, coinciding with the WPBakery plugin not working. When I try to edit pages in WordPress the page turns a transparent white (I can the page content underneath transparent white page) and doesn’t load anymore.

I logged into the Cloudflare account and see the domain is active and recording when I purge files.
The theme running is xStore, Wordpress is 5.8.1, PHP version is 7.4 cPanel hosting.

I read on another post on this community, where someone had a similar story with the White Page showing in WPBakery, and they changed a setting in Wordpress Cloudflare plugin. They disabled RocketLoader and all was fixed. But I don’t have access to Cloudflare plugin settings.

Whilst looking at the Cloudflare plugin settings page, I opened Developer Tools on Chrome and the Name: Config shows Status: Failed in red.

Any ideas on how this can be fixed…Thank you.

But do you have access to your Cloudflare Account and to the Cloudflare dashboard?

There you could disable Rocket Loader, if it’s causing some issues at the WordPress front/back-end in terms of some possible conjunction with other JS scripts.

To disable Rocket Loader, kindly naviagte to Speed → Optimization → therefore scroll down to the section Rocket loader and toggle it off.

Other way is to create a Page Rule to the specific URL or directory, like /wp-admin/* or some other, or general for the whole Website.

Another way would be to modify the JavaScript line in your code for specific script by adding the data-cfasync="false" to the <script src=""> as follows in the below article:

Nevertheless, here is some more useful information about Rocket Loader benefits due to the TTFB etc.:

I can only confirm, from above stated, I also have approx. 5-7 WordPress Websites using Cloudflare + Rocket Loader + WPBakery plugin (with others like WooCommerce, WP newest, same PHP, etc.).

Even with the other plugins and with Rocket Loader, and also with WordPress W3 Total Cache + Cache Everything at Cloudflare edge.

I do not have any issue at all.

This is also already a know issue with PHP and/or too much traffic at your Website (while you are not using any WordPress cache plugins), if that is the case and if you are using shared hosting, I bet it could be due to some PHP limits there.

Nevertheless, this one is an Ajax (XHR) request - being processed (or not) on the backend via PHP (timed out?, or error 500?)

Have you checked access and/or error log files too?

Maybe this current version of WPBakery is not compatible with some other plugin? Are all plugins updated as well as Cloudflare’s official one?

Hopefully, no Web browser extensions aren’t blocking the request as well?

Or, if using some Firewall Rules - maybe they do block something like the part of the name of that script, etc.?

Or, it actually just does not load propperly?

Thank you for replying to my issue.

I do have access to the Cloudflare account.
Thank you, I have found the RocketLoader button you talked of and it was off. I turned it on for the moment,

Are you saying that in WordPress, when I go to WordPress/Dashboard/Settings/Cloudflare that there should be a blank page?

I have numerous other websites running WordPress and WPBakery working successfully, but this site is the only one that has Cloudflare connected, and the only site that WPBakery does not work on at present. This issue only happened in the last couple of weeks.

Your comment: ‘if that is the case and if you are using shared hosting, I bet it could be due to some PHP limits there’ .
Me: I will check on this with my server provider to see what they say, hopefully this will be the answer.

Your comment:
‘Maybe WPBakery is not compatible with some other plugin, are all plugins up to date’.
Me: Plugins are all up to date, including Cloudflare, themes etc.
I have deactivated all of the plugins and bought them all back one by one to see if WPBakery showed, but no, it never showed at any time. When I had the Cloudflare Plugin deactivated the site would not show properly at all, until activated again.

For the Web Browser, I would normally use Google Chrome, but tried Firefox and still end up with the same result.

For the Firewall Rules, I have other sites running with no issues. not sure what I am looking for.

Your comment: “Or it actually just does not load properly?”
Me: Yes the WPBakery does not load properly which is why I am here trying to find a solution.

Thank you for the time you have put in responding to my topic.
As you have suggested I will contact my server provider and see if they can take a look at the PHP limitations on the server for this website.

Of course still open to other ideas. :slight_smile:

Good to know.

I also see the dashboard is in english language - which is good thing as sometimes for example when using a W3 Total Cache plugin you cannot authorize Cloudflare / see anything if english is not set as a “default language” (we can always change it).

That’s interesting.
Did something changed despite the fact of WordPress upgrade to 5.8.1? I am actually not sure if Cloudflare plugin works with it and is compatible with it.
Also, I do not have any WP site yet on 5.8.1 version too (despite the PHP 7.4 running on 5.8 normally).

That’s a bit strange. As far as you can run WordPress normally, having Cloudflare enabled for your domain, and without the Cloudflare plugin for WordPress - I use it on couple of WP websites that way, no issue (or better to say, no need to have Cloudflare Plugin to manage some options as all the options are available and managed directly from Cloudflare Dashboard).

Thank you for feedback information.

Okay, all good.
Well, if any of the possible Firewall Events show up in the Firewall Events log (tab) - in case if for example, Cloudflare WAF rule blocked something, etc.

Any add-ons running for it?

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