Cloudflare wordpress plugin not working in edge

I just installed the wordpress plugin for Cloudflare yesterday, but the settings page is completely blank in the Edge browser (works fine in firefox)… any suggestions on how to fix this, so it’s also working in edge? (tried on 3 different computers and worked on none of those)

It is not important if the plugin configuration just works in specific browsers (that’s a webmaster task and you can handle it). Question is if your website works in major browsers (seems not). If not what error browser returns (check browser console)? And it would be helpful to know what is the domain.

Thanks for the reply Xaq, the site works fine in all browsers, just the Cloudflare settings page that isn’t showing up in edge (the browser i normally use). I need it for a quick way of clearing Cloudflare cache, when making changes to some documents.
In error console I get these two errors:

  1. SCRIPT5022: QuotaExceededError
    [options-general.php (311,1)]
  2. %c action %c@@router/LOCATION_CHANGE %c@ 13:44:01.751
  3. %c action %cCONFIG_FETCH %c@ 13:44:01.758
  4. SCRIPT5007: Object expected
    [compiled.js (34,555542)]

Nice to hear that. Your clients have no problem then.

As far as I know IE has problem with many websites and few developers optimize for it. It has a reputation for being the number one browser for downloading a better browser.

yes that would be a solution, but edge is still one of most uses browser, personally i still prefer it over chrome/firefox and several others of the site editors use edge, so can’t ask them to also chance browsers. a update to this plugin. I am hoping this is a known issue with the plugin and some update is coming or developers got a quick fix.

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